„I never know what I say until I hear the response”

Norbert Wiener

Who we are

Advanced Public Relations (APR) is a 100% independent local PR agency founded in 2001. APR develops and implements corporate and marketing communications strategies for Polish and international companies and organizations. We provide the following services:

Our team is built of professionals with many years of experience in implementing corporate and marketing communications.


Anna Rudnicka-Sipayłło is a co-founder of APR. She has worked in public relations for 23 years.

She co-founded Ciszewski Public Relations, one of the first PR agencies in the Polish market. She gained experience in development and implementation of communications strategies working with international and domestic clients across a range of industries: financial ((AXA, Credit Suisse, Citibank, Nationwide, Winterthur), new technologies (e.g. IBM, Microsoft, Xerox, Quantum), real estate development (m.in. GTC, Golub GetHouse, Hines, Neinver Poland, Liebrecht&wooD Group), private-equity (MGPA, Tristan Capital Partners), health-care (m.in. Alima Gerber, GlaxoSmithKline, Kimberly Clark), and beauty (L’Oréal Poland). Between 2005 and 2007 she acted as a domestic and international PR consultant to the board of ORLEN.)

She loves travels, books, and people. Her favourite quote is from Norbert Wiener, inventor of cybernetics: “I never know what I say until I hear the response”.

Milena Niedziela has worked in PR for 20 years, and has been with APR since the beginning of 2005.

She specializes in managing projects for FMCG companies (corporate and marketing communications), and the creation and implementation of socio-educational and ambassador programmes.

For over 10 years she has been responsible for the PR of Norwegian Seafood Council, a dynamic organization of fish producers and exporters responsibly managing the seafood resources and promoting consumption of Norwegian fish in the Polish market. Milena is responsible for the organization and management of government visits related to maritime economy. Her biggest challenge to date has been the visit of the Norwegian royal couple. She also oversaw the Council’s promotional activity in the Czech market. She provided strategic consultancy to international seafood brands considering entering the Polish market. She authored the communications strategy for brands and products, including Continental (Bezpiecznie! W drogę), Ewopharma (Botox), Kimberly Clark (Huggies Dry Nites), Pfizer (Rosnę Zdrowo) and L’Oréal Paris, working on a project with the first ever Polish ambassador Grażyna Torbicka.

She likes to read, to know, to listen, to watch, and to be.

Mission and philosophy

Our mission is to create clear, creative, and effective messages that are right for the target audience and aligned to our customers’ strategic objectives.

The philosophy of APR is based on the premise that the image of a company must be aligned to its core business. We are convinced that an in-depth understanding of the objectives, values, and marketing strategy will enable us to tell their story in the best possible way. This approach puts us in the right place to recommend and implement strategic communications plans.

We start with understanding what you do. We get to know you and perform internal analysis of your organisational structure, mission, resources, tradition, and your history. We also do an external analysis; we work with you to answer questions about outside factors that affect your business. Based on that analysis, we develop a PR strategy which supports your goal of reaching and maintaining the target position in the marketplace. The strategy we propose is robust enough to stand up against the challenges of media relations, conflict management, or building an entire network of contacts from scratch.

Our guiding business principles are honesty, transparency, responsibility, and friendliness.

Our values

The reputation of our clients is of the utmost importance to APR. A strong and sustainable market position is among a company’s most valuable assets. We offer the tools to manage our customers’ reputation in any situation.

Our guiding business principles are honesty, transparency, responsibility, and friendliness. We surround ourselves with people who share the same values.

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